DNA Glitch!

Just recently joined these forums and I’m assuming this has been posted before, but about a year ago I completed a daily event or perhaps just a battle in one of those events (I don’t recall which one).

Either way, instead of getting the normal DNA bonus of roughly 100 DNA, the game gifted me enough 100,000,000 DNA. Pretty much more than I will ever be able to spend. Over the last year I’ve spent about 10% of it, with the limiting factor now being how quickly I can hatch dinos (or how quickly I can earn Dino bucks).

Anyway, just wanted to see if this had happened to anyone else.


Yes it has happened to a few folks on the forums, consider it a blessing or a curse. You could always ask support to fix it for you.


How could it be a curse?


Curse me then


You no longer have the feeling of earning things, while it would be great to be able to buy what ever creature you want in any quantity, for me it would devalue the journey and make everything feel like small tasks rather than big accomplishments. All depends on how one approaches the game.


Honestly it hasn’t helped “that” much. It allowed me to max out a few high level hybrids, but in general most of the dinosaurs aren’t really that expensive (most dinosaurs I win in tournaments seem to cost about 7,500 DNA, which isn’t much at all). Earning Dino bucks is really the limiting factor at this point in the game.


Damn I would just go crazy at TH with all dna trades if this happened to me


Also I would buy all legendary hybrids upwards and accept any DB offer for them if I were you

Some get offered for 1k bucks in TH


You’d be surprised at how few good DNA trades there are. The two “best” that I see are something along the lines of:

150 DNA for 50 Dino Bucks


750 DNA for 300 Loyalty Points

Honestly not much of a help. The vast majority of my “good trades” come from buying a bunch of apatosaurus fossils with coins, then trading them in the trade harbor for 500 Dino Bucks each. That trade usually pops up 2-3 times a day.


If you have segnosuchus unlocked I would buy a copy of that and leave it in your market, I’ve been offered near 1k DB for it everytime I’ve not hatched it out, could be helpful way to gain DB using all that reserve of dna you have


Just remember saitama of one punch man bored for being the strongest in the universe and not having strong opponents to face…

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Happened to another account of mine

There used to be DNA for S-DNA packs. I don’t know if they’re still around

Because of these packs, I am down to 27,000,000. Still a landslide