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DNA Glitch

Ummmmmm…check out the prize drop today? Looks like someone missed a mundane detail like a decimal or something!


Shhhhhhhhh! Let it ride. I just got 20 tickets!


Nope, it’s coming up for me too. For all we know, it could be Ludia apologizing for the issue with Clash of Titans yesterday?

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@Sharpestedge_15g still the high prize is so rare if it was card the prize would been better chance to get the creature

But if you think of it, say if you do get the 95 thousand DNA, even once. You can still use that to either get a hybrid creature, or if you haven’t unlocked Moasasaur, max it out so you can unlock it’s hybrid, or save it up for the moasasaur if you’re someone like me who was effected by the Clash of Titans issue.

Probably but i cant use too much hybird since they already maxed out need to create more

Well that stinks, the 8,000 DNA I spent is now likely going toward food. If the prizes change, I would have thought it more fair to refund my investment Ludia. This is what we call a bait and switch!


I had a notice that I had tickets reserved for tomorrow

Hey 7DayDino, there was an issue with the gold prize drop, so our team had to make some adjustments. The correct prizes should be displayed right now. If you’re still having concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at with your support key.

I would have been good with them shifting it to the 1% prize (or even a 0.1% given the size). Sometimes when you make a mistake you just have to say “This one’s on me.” Customer service and all that. Now you have people who think (as was said above) that you pulled a bait and switch. I wouldn’t have spent my dna on what is most likely a bunch of food.


@Ned I get that, but the change occurred AFTER some people had bought tickets. If I had known DNA was going to change to food, I never would have invested in this particular prize drop in the first place. I have no interest in the pack either since I have already unlocked that Dino. I would ask in the future you just refund folks their investment for the prize drop and let them decide if reinvesting in the new prizes is worth their while.


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That’s understandable, @7DayDino. Could you give our team a chance to try and make this right for you by reaching out to them? Thanks!

@Ned ok I will, thank you for responding to this matter, you support is appreciated!

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I will echo what folks above have said, it feels like a bait and switch. I also bought tickets early this morning for the purpose of the first prize. I have no interest in the other items. I get that it was a mistake on Ludia’s side, but in all of my jobs especially my prior retail management jobs, when the business makes a mistake in the price of something you honor it for those that had already purchased. You do not let them purchase and then switch it to something else after they have purchased. If you wanted to go down that route you should refund everyone’s ticket purchases for that slot and let them decide to repurchase with the new prizes offered. Or you could do the upstanding thing and just honor the original deal you put forward.

I remember selling a TV to a customer for 1.29 that was normally 129.99 because of an issue in our printing system for price tags. You take care of the customer that has already seen or taken part of the deal and then you remedy the issue by removing the option for future guests. Then you have a conversation with the employee that made the mistake of putting that price tag out to begin with and coach them about the repercussions a mistake like that can have.


@Sionsith, well said sir, appreciate you weighing in on this!


Yeah I had this problems a year ago. It was like $5 for 1000 VIP points at the 60% rate, leading up to like 45,000 VIP points for the 1%, and then they changed them the last second down to like 45. I was upset that I spent like $20 for dust.

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Damn, I think In game currency is one thing but changing prizes for actual money isn’t cool and actually kinda probably illegal in some ways but it’s just a game but they should refund you at least if they didn’t already do so.


Not just “kinda”, that absolutely IS illegal bait-and-switch.

Can you let some of us have it those who need DNA every time I only can get a troodon after a boss and troodon only cost 7000 dna