Dna gone


A Epic T-Rex Spawned so i went and got it but after when i collected my dna the game crashed i then reloaded the game and my dna had gone and had not increased from what it was on


It unfortunately sounds like that the software crashed, but kept on running for a few moments, while you were obtaining the DNA. Unfortunately Ludia’s customer support are not able to provide the DNA from that attempt as there will be no record of you engaging with the T-Rex and they can’t randomly provide DNA as the total may have been too much or too little to what you may have obtained.

It sucks that this happened and we’ve all experienced something similar, but when it comes to Internet/Mobile games, there is always a risk of crashes/disconnections due to the internet connection dropping and keeping software updated for multiple models of phone can always be tricky.

Better luck next time when you come across another T-Rex.