DNA Hunting - Pointer Finger or Thumb?


So - Quick Questions:

  1. What is the highest amount of DNA you’ve collected?
  2. Do you use your pointer finger or your thumb to aim?

My husband and I both play and we have differing opinions about which works best.


Most dna was 190 lv8 no VIP. And I use my pointer finger if I’m hunting down something epic and higher.


16, Lvl 9, Not VIP


I’m old so I use my finger. Millennial ring door bells with thumbs its a generational thing…

201 dna vip lvl 12 Apos. I’m blaming my age not my finger.


Highest has to be around 280+ level 12, VIP. Always use my thumb :slightly_smiling_face:


197, level 9 (at the time), not VIP. Never gotten near that again, haha.
I use my middle finger, actually.


187, lvl 9, no VIP. Thumb. :slight_smile:


173 most point I only use thumb n with vip ( vip is totally worth it in my opinion)


260ish level 12 vip and thumb


Nearly missed the screenshot :roll_eyes:


I think the highest I’ve gotten was 149, no VIP, I use my thumb to play with one hand… finger feels less accurate and slow to me and requires 2 hands. I keep the other hand available for my 5 year old to hold onto or to push her on the swing or to spin her the merry-go-round…

updated: I got 157 yesterday. Getting a little better at it.


Around 190 DNA and I usually use my index finger as it feels more natural but for slower dinosaurs I have had better luck using my thumb.

  1. Level 12, thumb.

Interesting side note: I switched to my non-dominate hand w/ great results. It feels more chilled-out. Also, turn the music off, it’s designed to stress you out (I’m a musician; the minor chords mess with your head).


220ish level 9. Thumb for sure


I’ve had all sounds since day one faaaar too distracting :joy:


thumb is faster, pointer is more accurate. you choose


Hey ! So I use different fingers thumbs but always my right hand . The highest with the 33% extra was around 280-290 DNA on either stegosaurus (the easiest ) but average with the 33% extra is between 190-210 averaging out all types -rare-epic-common .
Without the 33% extra around 120-140 average . T~Rex is the hardest I’ve encountered to collect DNA from I’m lucky to get 60-80 at the most but average around 50 DNA he moves a lot and the target jumps a lot! Half the time he escapes!

Best of luck my friend !



You are 100% correct thumb is best for me as a right handed person . Usually only thumb or index on right hand is used by me.


Every time I get above 60 on a Rex she darts for the fence. :rage:


My best was around 340, apatosaurus, i am level 14 VIP, I use my thumb