DNA in sanctuaries

how much DNA does a level 20 sanctuary give you ???

something like 114ish on epics a day.


Hope that help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot

and the DNA they give you when you return from the sanctuary is the same from a level 5 as from a level 20 ??? and again thank you very much

5 for epic, 15 for rare, 45 for common. I do think this return from sanctuary dna amount needs to be increased a lot

Actually I hope it isn’t increased as that would really hurt all the co-op sanctuaries. We already have a hard time convincing people they don’t need to place their creature in every open spot. We don’t need more encouragement for rogue placements :rofl:


Everyone in my alliance like to have 4 dinos going at a time. :sweat_smile:
I prefer to put in what most people need then 1 of my own choosing.

I don’t even put mine out for the small return anymore. I mostly just put what’s needed in the sanc and use my items in the sanc on what I need.

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I dun put mine either because my coop sanc might need an emergency slot within the next 2 days.

Slotted randomly once my Dracorex to check its SP.

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be biased towards my ideas all you want :rofl: :rofl:
that ain’t gonna change anything. that will only help --> when the slotters get their creatures back they get more than a whopping 5 dna :joy:

Not a bad idea. Its just that some players are not team players and will mess things up for selfish reasons.

Alliances shouldnt have to be wasting energy warning members and kicking rogues weekly. That hurts the alliance as well as the players.

If sanc was less easy to be hijacked/ slotted wrongly, it would be fine to reward those who contributed their dinosaurs for the team effort.


thank you very much but you still haven’t answered me

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Yes I did, 5 for epic, 15 for rare, 45 for common

is that in my alliance we do not mix dinos, we have a type of Dino for sanctuary and we are thinking of changing and having a mixed sanctuary to reach 20. I am finding out to know if it is worth it

Ah I see, well if only there was some type of restriction to those non team players lol :joy:

1 alliance doing a lvl 20 sanc from scratch is not worth it for those who are doing the building.

The difference between a lvl 20 sanc and a lvl 1 sanc is 2 times the DNA.

thanks, but are you 100% sure of that? or that DNA varies depending on the level of the sanctuary you return. thanks

Oh yeah I’m sure. It depends on if it has been stayed in the whole 2 days or not, those are max amounts if you keep your creature in the whole 2 days. Sometimes there will be sanctuaries that reset in times less than 2 days, and you will get less dna cause of the reset
Advice: put a dino in a sanc that has more than 2 days until reset. (unless you can’t as a rule of your alliance.)

Exactly. And, those who want that extra return DNA are always more than welcome to throw their dinos in a lvl 1 sanc and leave them there while FIPping the main one. It’s just that not everyone gets exactly how it all works, apparently. That’s the beauty of it - it doesn’t matter at all which sanc your dinos are in, you’ll get the same return benefit regardless.

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