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DNA in treasure chests


I think I would rather be getting coin from these boxes, not that it matters what “I” want, but still…

Just seems like a pretty weird idea to replace coin with DNA after all this time, I wonder what prompted this change?


Well, the theme is Easter. DNA out of chests is like dino out of egg kinda logic. They already have chest models to add some style for the event, easier to implement than putting eggs on the map.


Yeah I understand the Easter thing and I do like the cosmetic changes. :slight_smile:

but I needs my coins, not common DNA. I can dart both of these featured commons all day long without a special event.


I once got 25 Para. Would have gotten 100 Legendary DNA had I opened it from close range. You can’t know though, and can’t leave work station for every new chest.

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I was hoping for coins and DNA; but I guess that would be having your cake and eating it …

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I was disappointed as well.

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Having chests full of coins was an incentive to leave the house to get treasure chests throughout the day, the DNA is meh, especially when I can get twice as much DNA from actually darting the dino in the wild.

At least its just for one week though


I like getting the Tenento dna in them but the others are a bit meh. But I really like opening decent Tenento dna. That’s always good.


All I have gotten is parasol and iguana, didn’t know there was other dna, yet still i would much rather have coin.

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