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DNA is useless now

This game has truly become a pay to win game. It’s not about collecting DNA anymore. It’s all about how much stat boosts you can buy. I refuse to spend my hard earned money on a free game to get nothing in return. I’ll leave that to all the other losers that decide to do that. It was a fun game to start, then Ludia got greedy.


This is no news. But dna is still very important. At 21, a magna is useless, even with tier 10 boosts. At level 25 however, it’s unbeatable with just 6/6/6.


Unbeatable? Have you been ratted? Mine is L24 and boosted to 6/6/6, always be ratted.


I said 25 for a reason. :wink:

Those rats can also eat up a 25+ Magna. They have more than 4k HP and nearly or over 4k rampage damage.


Those are rare. I don’t see many rats with 2100+ base damage.
And it’s just an example. You believe that a level 21 is just as useful as a 30 in the current meta? Of course not. Levels add a great deal of strength to any dino. Boosts are just an addition to that, not a replacement.

Show you this.


That can not oneshot a 25 6/6/6 magna.

What you need is a L27 Magna … :smiling_imp:


Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the game used to be collecting dna. We would often plan family days out just to do this, and the rewards from doing so were worth it.

A new and stronger Dino would enhance the team.
Levelling an existing Dino would make the team stronger and thus, it would lead to more arena trophies and so on.

Now we have, as the original post states, a situation where levelling up creates an issue where you get penalised for having a better team. The matchmaking currently is such a mess so there’s no point in levelling up unless you are prepared to go on a losing streak.

We now find that collecting dna is pointless from a personal perspective, but continue to do it for the alliance. We store it in the hope that it will worth something in the future. And none of us play in the arena for anything other than a daily incubator.


That must have been a bunch of lucky fuses! I am stuck at 10/10/10/10/10/10/20!!!/10/10/10 on this thing

Notwithstanding the fact that Magna will get most of its health taken from a cheap shot from the rat, it’s the fact that the current matchmaking algorithm must see Magna as an amazing Dino that annoys me. I moved mine up from 22 to 23 a while back and immediately saw my opponents so much stronger it was ridiculous! I had a twelve match losing streak!

I took it back out and a day or two later things returned to some semblance of normality ( at least as far as this matchmaking can be ).
This was just another example of the stupidity of the current matchmaking system being employed.

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I needed 90 to get it to L27 and had enough Dime from the event for the anticipated 9 fuses - FIPed enough Irritator for 2 fuses and got … 50, 40 :scream:
That’s my luck for the year used up.


Yes, of course I need a high level Magna. But is that easy to get?
Mine is at L24 and now only 40/250. How long does it take mine to L27?
My luck is already better than some of us. At least I usually get fuses of 20, sometimes 10. The Dime event gave me 12 more fuses for Magna if I have enough Irritator DNA. I think that’s barely enough to go to L25 if luck stays with me.

I attempted to let people face a variety of creatures in the arena. I was tired of seeing the same stuff I was using, boosts let me use non meta creatures to do so. Maybe that’s why they introduced boosts, to allow a variety of non meta creatures while they work on more uniques and legendaries that can hold their own up there.


Be good if you could claim them back from boosted creatures though - very difficult to add variety into the team as it needs to be boosted.


I’ve been using the sanctuaries to get the DNA; its a grind but if you chip away you get there in the end

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How did that work out? No one wants to use boosts on more than 8 dinos, so people never try out something new. Only when something is proven useful they might put it in their team, which happens a lot less now with boosts.

I do the same. My Irritator is always in the sanctuary. Fuses of Pyrritator gives me 10 or 20, then wait again until next 200 Irritator DNA is ready. When there are 50 Pyrritator DNA, then one fuse for Magna and get 10 or 20. I need 210 to go for L25. So Magna deserves to have better stats.

150 irritator per day easily. Plus some from incubators and you get around a fuse per day.
So, 5 days for 10 magna. A month for 60 magna. 4 months for 240 magna :slight_smile: But that’s of course the lowest outcome. In reality it should fuse 20 on average and so would pyrritator. So 4x as quick, 1 month from 24 to 25.

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