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DNA Market - Order book

I’d like to see a DNA Market in the game. A market which work like an order book in financial markets. For example, Player A can post a BID saying that I’d like to buy 100 Thor DNA, and I can give X coins, Y cash or Z DNA of another dino, or any combination of these in exchange. If Player B decides on it’s a good deal for her/him, then can accept is, and complete the deal. If Player A in the meantime runs out of resources what is on offer in exchange of Thor DNA, then the BID should become invalid automatically.

The other way is also good. The OFFERring player could say that I have 200 Indominus Rex DNA what I don’t need. I’d like X coins, Y cash or Z DNA of another dino, or any combination of these in exchange.

This market should be global, and not just for an alliance. Probably it could be a VIP only feature for L17+ players or something like that.

What do you think?


Welcome back @bkk, It’s a great idea you wrote and I totally approve of it. You must know that you are not the only one who writes about a Dino market. We hope that Ludia will listen to us.

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I suspect this would cause issues with alts, which you would be able to farm for DNA by selling it to yourself for nothing.

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I don’t really get it. Does it make sense to sell anything to yourself? This is not how an order book works…

Or maybe you don’t get my idea.

If you have alt accounts, you can collect DNA from every event once on each account, and then sell it all to your main account for free.

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Ok, I get it now how you meant that. But I don’t think it is a problem. If you have account A and B, you still need to win, dart or farm in sanctuary that DNA, what you want to sell to your other account. So, there won’t be an issue with that. Most likely not, if there is a limit included. E.g.: A minimum value for an epic DNA, can be 1 other epic DNA or 200 rare DNA or 500 common DNA. So, than you can trade 1000 Diplodocus for 100 Nundasuschus… And similar minimum prices can be found out for coins and hard cash.