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DNA missing/ no one helping

Last week I was trying to get the tragodistis(or atleast some dna for it). I was able to get 30 tragodistis DNA, with 20 amargocephelus DNA left over. However the game glitched out and I lost both 3o tragodistis DNA, and the left over 20 amargocephelus. The day after I contacted you guys from the actual app and didn’t get a response till the next day. None of the suggestions helped me get my DNA back. And they still haven’t responded and its been 5 days. Since they weren’t responding I went to the support link on this website and yet no response yet. Can anyone please help me with this problem because it’s a little frustrating waiting with no response, or anything.

Hey there, @cjdragon01, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened! That said, if you’ve already begun a conversation with our support team then they will help you out to the best of their ability. Thanks for your patience!