DNA of common dinosaurs in incubators


I really think Ludia dev team should work on improving all incubators because they give us a lot of useless DNA of common dinosaurs that we don’t need and will never use. I’ve been playing that game for over a month and I always get so much DNA of Stygomoloch Gen 2, Dilophosaurus Gen 2, Triceratoprs Gen 2 and so on almost every time. Why can’t we get some more useful DNA, i.e. Parasaurolophus and Velociraptor that is so needed in the game?

Is it only me who thinks that?


I personally have always said, we should have a choice…

Like if it’s a common amount of DNA, give us 3 random dinos to choose from…
Least we get a choice


That would be ideal but I don’t think they would give us that option. :wink: Getting thousands DNA of some common dinosaurs that we need for fusing is extremely difficult.