DNA Past Level 30 - DNA Sales for Coins?

Just an idea, but once a creature reaches level 30, there’s really no point in the DNA collection after that. Wonder what the community’s thoughts are about being able to sell DNA once a creature reaches level 30. Different coin returns for different creature rarities of course. I don’t see this being something crazy massive either, but would be a cool motivator to continue collecting DNA for creatures that are already maxed out.

Suggested Coin Return on DNA Sales:
(all for creatures at level 30)


1 DNA = 1 Coin


1 DNA = 2 Coins


1 DNA = 3 Coins


1 DNA = 4 Coins


1 DNA = 5 Coins


1 DNA = 10 Coins

I’m sure Ludia would also want to set daily caps on the number of coins one can collect from DNA Sales, so my thought is it would likely be capped at 15000 just like the daily supply drops.

Do you support the idea of DNA sales for level 30 creatures?
  • Yes, I support this!!!
  • No, I’d rather keep collecting level 30 DNA with no coin reward.

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(I did not come across a similar concept, but if there is one already out there, please redirect this to the appropriate thread.)

make the rewards more tho, like
1 common dna = 1 coins
1 rare dna = 2 coins
1 epic dna = 5 coins
1 legendary dna = 20 coins
1 unique dna = 200 coins
1 apex dna = 2,000 gold (these are extremely rare dna, the rest are based on their fuse cost divided by 10)

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I agree entirely! I just don’t think Ludia would go for it sadly :frowning:
BUT, I could be wrong. Fingers crossed :smiley: