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DNA plans. Your opinion on what I should do

Currently I am saving up DNA for hybrids/tournament creatures. What should I work on/towards?
These are hybrids I can buy
IMPORTANT NOTE: ostaposaurus and suchoripterus are available as I have their components maxed

Thanks for your advice🙂
Also I have fused tape and carno for Super Hybrids


I think you should also share your Dino roster so people can give you advice accordingly.

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Just note I have 3 dimetrocarnuses not 1
And I don’t have segno or brachio unlocked
These pictures are from a week ago

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definitely unlock ostipasaurus. Your lineup is super strong but you will never regret unlocking that creature. Especially since its components are sub-par.


But do whatever you want. Its just a game so do what makes you happy!

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Only spend DNA on tournament hybrids and unlocking them, which it looks like the only one you have unlocked is metria.

If you have the parts to make others, sure, fuse them, but I wouldn’t suggest spending DNA on more copies unless you have to. Use super hybrids for the classes you missing.


What @Timmah said, buy more Metriaphodons and any other tournament hybrid you have unlocked or the creatures to unlock a tournament hybrid.


I only have metriaphodon unlocked but I am lvl 74 close to ceratosaurus and zalmoxes for cerazinosaurus and zalmonodon. I have nodosaurus and mosa gen 2 unlocked so mata is available. Finally I have both components for glythronax unlocked
I can have an army of lvl 6-8 metriaphodons
An army of lvl 10-12 glythronaxes
An army of lvl 5-8 armormatas
An army of lvl 10 cerazinosauruses
An army of lvl 10-11 zalmonodons by the end of it (hopefully in the next couple of months🙂
Monostegotops can be made

I unlocked indominus rex!!! I wish I could all caps


Well done

thank you : )

I must unlock it when i arrive to 40k dna

can you post your line up plez


Nice! I love pterodactylus he’s a beast

Glythronax is a wast of your DNA IMHO.

Reason being they are DNA heavy and will be replace by Indoraptors, same with cerizanosaurus. They are good to have a few but 10-12 of each will be a waste of your DNA, unless you are talking getting 8 level 10s that will eventually be used to create a lvl 40 way down the road. But all that DNA should be going towards your Herb, Ptero, Amphi lineups for now.

Again my Opinion.

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Your totally right. I’m currently working on metraiphodon rn. I need 6 more. Could you please tell me what I should work on next? I sadly do not have segnosarus unlocked so segnosuchus isn’t an option. I also have not unlocked either option for armormata.

Lol I didn’t realize you were replying to someone else. I probably should have used the @ or something.:joy::joy: I could still use your expertise though

While Herbivores are good to have, they are only there to combat a pterosaur, so with out a viable herb you either need to look towards a pterosaur or carnivore to take on the bird side of your opponents. So either Zamalodon if you have it’s components or pertqualtezeratiygerabahsomething <— intentional, or Indoraptors.

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Ok. I have a level 20 zalmonodon. J have a level 20 metraiphodon and am on my way to getting 6 more. So I will have a level 30,20, and 2 10s. Are you saying that it doesn’t matter if I have a bunch of pterosaurs and I should then work on zalmonodon?