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DNA refund please

*so there are a lot of dinos that never had hybrids beyond them and so we used all their dna to level them up. Now they do and in some cases I have 6 or 7 levels past the level which unlocks the hybrid beyond it. If the hybrid had existed originally I would never have stuck the extra levels in, I would have used that dna for evolution of the hybrid. Please allow us to refund dna back down to the minimum levels by “de-levelling” dinos that are only good for donors

That’s not their problem, a deleveling option would make no sense for this game, if you want to fuse just get more DNA.

Its your own fault for having overleveled dinos.

In the future don’t touch anything until it gets a hybrid, then get it to the appropriate level if/when it does get a hybrid

Purchase lots of incubators from the store. Battle and use HC to open them all right off. You will have all that DNA back in no time.

Problem solved.

It isn’t such a bad idea to over level some animals just in case it gets a hybrid later on. Or at least stock pile the DNA.

I level up everything to 20 as I max out on storage. Some that I found useful I leveled over 20 as storage filled.

EDIT: Even some ‘ingredient’ Dino like Nodopatosaurus, it is level 22.