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DNA request discard


So I’ve brought this up before and I’ve seen others talk about it, but this was my 1st time requesting something that got 0 donations. So it ended with 0 and the collect option said discard, so I hit discard and it went away but I’m still on cool down. So you still lose a chance even if noone donates?! That needs to be changed if we only get 2 daily requests.


Like everything else in this game you have to be strategic about what you request. Asking for Irritator or Kaprosuchus is almost a definite Discard waiting to happen. Also making sure you donate to others will also help others ensure you get some donations although I’m still not giving you any Kapro :slight_smile:

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Well, depending on how one’s alliance may be, asking for ANY rares which have hybrids can potentially be a discard. Even a good handful of commons are totally wasted requests. I always donate what I can that isn’t going towards my roster (the amount of Utahraptor I’ve given away is extraordinary, to name but a simple example) but it is certainly disheartening to always see the same requests for things I either have nothing of, PERIOD, or I use pretty much as soon as I can get enough for a single fuse.

I still try to request some pretty hard-to-come-by DNA (Dilophosaurus and such) because even just a smidgling helps wonderfully as I am super-close anyway to certain goal points.

Besides, if I didn’t do that, what else am I really going to ask for in my situation? Tarbosaurus? Need ungodly amounts to do anything whatsoever so requests are mostly pointless considering it’s one of those niche commons people are reluctant to give up. Irritator G2? Sure, guaranteed, but I have nowhere remotely enough coin to level up my Suchotator any further until another pay period (I couldn’t partake in recent sales as Christmas gifts broke me).

It’s a difficult balance of what can best be salvaged out of people’s personal situations.


My input is a bit like @Richard_Merrick 's input. If people request the same dna over and over, people will run out of dna to donate, and everyone runs short.
This actually leads to people leaving alliances!
I request a bit too much of dilo, so I’m gonna change it up a bit!


That’s what I needed. And I usually mix it up dpeending on what people are requesting. I won’t request if someone else has it. Although a lot of time I will request something noone else is requesting and someone will come right behind me and request the same.

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I got lots of Kapro but not irritator, I thought everyone has lots DNA of 1 kind but not ofanother and so the donation could levellel that but obv I am wrong, I asked irritator and got nothing


I agree with you, we should at least b able to request another dna without waiting


You have to be smart about what you request, as others have mentioned. For example, my alliance is quite nice about requests as I have received max donations on Kapro, Stego, and Megalosaurus, which I find to be hard to come by. For that, I have to thank my alliance. However, if your alliance is centered towards high-tier players, request things that they have in abundance because they will be the ones to help. I am currently working towards Monomimus, as a level 11, by requesting Galli DNA, which I receive very quickly. It’s helped me, and it still will prove worthy when it comes time that it gets at least a slight buff in future patches. I want to request things based on what my alliance members have. This way, at least you are getting SOME dna, versus NO dna. I recommend asking your alliance basic questions on what they can provide, and what locals they live in, so you can request the correct dinosaurs.

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Unless you live in L3 stop wasting your time on Monomin… actually stop anyway. Post nerf Monosteg is clearly better


I do live in Local 3, and completely realize that monostego is better, which is why I am waiting for post 1.5 to finally make a move on one of the hybrids.


I’d be really ticked off if the morons who keep requesting Irritator and Tuoijangasaurus DNA got another chance for another request. They need to learn a lesson.


Or Maybe they would see that it wasn’t being filled and request something else…