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DNA Request Gone Without Collecting It


So just a short while ago tonight when the DNA request timer refreshed off cooldown, I put in a new one for Irritator G2. I look a half hour later it says ready to collect on the Alliance icon in the bottom right.

I go in and my request isn’t even on the list! Not even hidden as far up as I can scroll. I already restarted the game to see if that would resolve it and no, it didn’t. I still am subject to the several hour wait for the following request attempt with NOTHING to show for it.


Same happened to me tonight. Except I never got the collect notification. My request was just gone. I already emailed support about it.

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What! This is unacceptable.

@Piere87… try this:
Close the game … turn on airplane mode/restart your phone and then open the game up again


Nope. Still not there. I’m afraid is gone.


did you restart your phone?


The whole chat is broke. I don’t even see half of the requests, and wasn’t able to even send a message for an hour.


Happened to me too…lost my kapro.


Woke up this morning to find it’s magically back…I fell asleep before the next request cooldown so perhaps when it reset again that’s what fixed it…? Seems rather unintuitive.

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Many Many times. It actually popped back up right after I made my second request so I was able to collect both of them. My first wasn’t filled though because no one could see it.


Did you check this morning? Mine ended up showing up last night.