DNA request time

Has this happened to anyone else? I last requested DNA yesterday, and my countdown timer was down to 5 hours…then randomly jumped up to 1 day, 3 hours. What happened here? Is that a bug or is it something I’m missing about how the DNA request mechanics work? Confused…


I had the same issue. That timer seems to be not working at all.

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The timer seems to ne more like could be about this time but most likely not… yesterday i had 8 hours left before i could request… then an hiur later it said i could request again.

Random Number Generator people. The timer has inherited this trait from Monomimus.

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I go to 2h for my first request and then at 12h is this since all the time now I do not understand the system is the logic behind that …

Its definitely bugged.
Timer last night

Timer this morning

Note the 24 hour incubator timer in the corner indicates time between the 2.

I had 23 hours last night but this morning it was back to normal.

I went to bed being able to request and woke up this morning with a 13 hour wait. Highly annoyed!

Since writing the last post, I can request.

It went from something like 2 hours to a 24 hour wait for me. I’m not exactly thrilled about it.

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Well that’s annoying, but glad its not just me. Mine just jumped from an hour to 1d 3 hours :rage: why has this not been fixed :woman_facepalming:


I have a similar thing, I have an alternation between a waiting time of 3H then, 12H, then 3h, then 12H. But always the same waiting times that alternate.
Someone would know what should be the normal waiting time?