DNA requests from those not in alliance


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Bug Description: DNA requests showing up from those not in the alliance

Area is was found in: Alliances

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen: Frequently

What type of device are you using: Android

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There are only 3 members in the alliance and those are not them.

Maybe I'm confused...lots of random DNA requests. Why?
Alliance and Dna request
Alliance bugs
Request from other alliance

i have noticed the same thing, they dont even say “hello” just ask for dna…
i just let time run out and dont donate.


Are those people on your friends list in game?


They are not.


@Glasgowpaddy aren’t Ollie and Ell members of ours?


Hey Montell_Clements, if your Alliance leader had recently added some new members into your Alliance, it could take some time for the list to refresh or update. However, our team would also be happy to investigate further if you think that there might be an issue. Our support team can be reached here at support+forums@ludia.com, and it’ll be helpful if you could include your support key along with a screenshot of your Alliance members list and the Alliance chat with the DNA request in your email. Thanks!


Have they ever been in your alliance before?


Yeah mate there in our alliance I just checked


Here they are on our alliance page


Are these also part of your alliance? This is very weird!


Weirdly yes I think so but I’ll go check


It’s Ludias new strategy to get our requests filled, give them to random guilds, lol.

But yeah, thats messed up :thinking:


They are, really weird


Thanks mate I was about to do that


I’ll send that a message to that email I think. Thanks!


By any chance, were you part of the UK DPG earlier and leave that alliance to create this new one?


If others alliances are filling our requests I’m dropping a request now lol


The day alliances was announced I was part of UK DPG. I believe I was removed the same day so made a new alliance.


I just requested rubbish did I appear on your list


I don’t know how but that looks like the reason