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DNA requests length!

Not sure if it’s been mentioned but I thought of it last night as I collected my half full Tentosaurus DNA request. If we can only request DNA twice a day why not make it last longer than 3 hours? Say from reset to 12 hours or until full, then after collection we can request again and it lasts till reset. Alliance members log on and off throughout the day and night, being from all around the world, and sometimes our requests aren’t being fulfilled all the way. With this change it would give more members a chance to fill your request so that you aren’t wasting one of two daily requests. It’s just sad to request DNA, it gets maybe halfway filled, then see someone else later request the same and it get filled because different members are on.


You can collect your request at anytime after the 3 hour minimum duration. If I’m requesting DNA that I suspect is in high demand I’ll often leave my request overnight.

So you’re saying if I have 150/300 at collection time I can leave it and still get DNA donated?

As far as I understand it, you can collect your request after 3 hours but the other members can continue donating until the request is full, no matter how long that takes.

I think we should be able to cancel our requests so long as there has been no DNA donated and then be able to request something else. This way we can try for something good but if we see no one is giving, can change to ask for something else.

I’ll give that a shot on my current Dracorex request. As another member requested right after me and already has more than me :confused:

Exactly. With only 2 requests per day it sucks to get a low to no donation request.

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So tried this, after I was able to request again my Dracorex request no longer showed up on my son’s account, same Alliance. So I’m guessing once it can be collected it disappears from Alliance.


That’s true. It’s visible for everybody maximum 3 hours until it’s full or time expires.

You don’t know the other people in your alliance. They could be real world friends wheeling and dealing and physically asking each other for certain dino’s. Me and my wife will give good dino’s back and forth that we really don’t want to give even to each other but we can wheel and deal and pay back later with something we want later to bump a dino’s level.

Well you learn something everyday. I had no idea there was a limit on how long people had to donate. At least now I have a better idea of how much DNA I’m likely to get for a given dino.

I got no DNA on the my second request and when I ‘discarded’ my request, it said I have to wait 9 hours to make another request. Like really? None of my alliance members wanted to donate to me and I have to suffer even more by waiting an extra 9 hours to decide another dinosaur to request for.