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DNA reset

How cool would it be if Ludia would allow us to reset ALL our DNA, undo all hybrids, un-level all our creatures and refund all coinage spent for leveling?

I would love to have a second chance at building my team (with multi-fusion).

I made a few mistakes I regret.

I’ll pay cash.


I’d be happy to be able to reverse a level up and not get the coins back. I have a few dinos I accidentally leveled beyond the fuse threshold that I’d gladly give up the coins for getting the dna back.


It would be amazing! Even if they done it like the stat boosts, so we only got 50% back. Obviously 100% would be excellent. Anything would be a bonus!


I could actually see them do something like this. Give us back half, and punish us with the other half as it was our mistake to begin with. Seems like Ludia logic to me.