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DNA sales system [An optional way to get DNA]πŸ˜„

HELLOπŸ‘‹!! in the same way as in JWTG, you can sell or exchange DNA for different things like: money, bills and DNA
[In case of exchanging DNA for DNA it would be equal eg: If you want common DNA, exchange the same quantity for the same quality]

if you want 200 of titanoboa g1 DNA, swap it for 200 kentro DNA

β€’ The maximum exchangeable common dna is 2000
β€’ Rare maximum exchangeable dna is 500
β€’ The maximum epic exchangeable DNA is 200

~ you cannot change unique DNA for unique or legendary for legendaryπŸ‘Œ

● Oher exchanges like dna for banknotes or money equals JWTG (may vary)


If they really do this in next update i will swap apato dna for tany, gorgosaur for echo or quetz, and concave for brachi


How about selling DNA on eBay to highest bidder?


That’s the idea! :smiley: that the amounts of DNA that you do not occupy have a use, beyond that it is useless :man_shrugging:

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This idea is great, but the execution would be disastrous. Imagine people all trading their Nodosaur for Koola Gen 2 and Aramb, and their Koolasuchus for Diplo. Everyone will have a Gem in a couple of weeks

How about make it not available for exclusive DNA.

To avoid DNA farming surely the way to go would be say 3 tries a day and the DNA rewards are random.

That way you can’t farm DNA by choosing what you want or continually trade DNA until you get what you want.

I’d also halve (or more) your quoted numbers so the rewards are similar to what you recieve from a Lvl 20 Sanctuary in a day

None exclusive DNA will not do as well. People could literally trade Koola and Concave for things like Turtle and Brachi easily

It looks much better! :ok_hand: so if this system entered the game it would not break.

and as you said it would be 3 times a day and the DNA would be random (including exclusive DNA)

If you did not get something that caught your attention, you can change the exchanges (in exchange for 50 bills [not coins])

No no. This will be abused heavily. How about just bump the sanctuary. When a creature returns you get half drone range low battery to dart it.