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DNA Selection

Ok so this isn’t a rant, but as I purchased the $20 incubators today to try to get some more Darwin to finish creating Stygidarex (Thank you relentless 10 fuses) the first split DNA between Darwin and Pyro, the 2nd Spino and Pyro, I thought how bad that is to gamble $20 for something completely random. I think if we’re sending real cash, not hard cash on an incubator that has a certain set of DNA in it, then we should get to choose the dinos DNA we get, let the RNG determine how much for each Dino. So with this inc I should be able to choose Darwin and Pyro, and then it will determine how much of each to award. Just my opinion, but u e seen a lot of complaints about the randomness of it and how a lot of times people don’t even know what comes in the incubator for sale.