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DNA Store

This has probably been suggested before but I have not seen any threads like it so I apologise if this has already been addressed.

I, like many other people, find it difficult to get out and about in order to collect DNA. For me it is more about finding the time than the physical limitation as I work nights.

That said I do still make the time on my days off, way to work etc. to try and squeeze in a bit of hunting here and there. The main drawback with this is that most of the time I am hunting on the same areas so I end up with a lot of the same Dinos. The fact that the Dinos are rotated every so often helps but nowhere near enough.

It would be cool to see a DNA store where we could get the DNA we need for those Dinos that are particularly hard to get. This would not have to be an option on the menu but could be place in random locations (much akin to the gyms in POGO). The DNA could be randomly assigned to stores per day or even per week so that you have a chance of finding some DNA you really need.

This DNA could be paid for using the in game currency on the basis of Coins for common and rare DNA and Bucks for the epic DNA. I would not be suggesting the inclusion of Unique DNA (but this could be included at a cost of either Bucks or even real cash).

I know that you can get DNA from the incubators but this would actually compliment the incubators as this would enable users to pinpoint the DNA they need rather than becoming disheartened (or downright angry) when they spend their hard earned currency on an incubator and get none of the DNA they need. And if the store you are at does not have the DNA you want then just move on a bit and find another store.

Well that’s my idea and I’m sure it has been suggested and probably explained why this has never been done, but I think if everyone who thinks this is a good idea can add a reply to this thread just saying the words I Agree and if we can get enough people to agree (kinda like a petition) then Ludia will see this is a popular suggestion and may add it at some point


I like this idea, maybe even the ability to sell some excess dna for coins or cash.

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I, too, would like to be able to sell in game DNA for coins. Selling it irl to get more coins is really starting to take a toll.


I would very much like this idea. How about just getting rid of useless dinosaurs and using the DNA from it on more useful dinos? Just a theory