DNA to XP Conversion Ratio (How to Level Up Efficiently)


Sorry if this info is out there but I didn’t find one so hope it helps for those deciding on how to grind DNA and level up efficiently when you have limited coins and want to spend it wisely to be able to collect more dinosaur DNA sooner rather than later!

Dinosaur Leveling Up (using 50 DNA throughout as an example)
Common 1:1 (if it costs 50 DNA to level up, you will get 50 XP in return)
Rare 1:3 (if it costs 50 DNA, you’ll get 150 XP)
Epic 1:10 (50 DNA = 500 XP)
Legendary 1:30 (50 DNA = 1500 XP)
Unique 1:100 (thanks @Bunners)

Fusion XP = this is a sum of the above so you’ll be adding two values together.
eg. Diloracheirus = Common (1:1) + Legendary (1:30). Total XP gained will be the sum of the two dinosaurs used to level up. Deinocheirus DNA (2000) + Diloranosaurus DNA (30 times 50 = 1500). In other words/numbers, 2000 + 1500 = 3500 XP will be gained for each fusion done.

If you don’t see XP go up immediately you can just close and reopen the game. Moreover, XP gained is independent of the amount of fused DNA received.

If this info is already known, let me know and I’ll gladly remove the post.

Happy hunting and see you in the arenas,


Good info. Thank you!


Unique is 100. I would assume any future category to be 300 since it follows a pattern 1, 3, 10, 30, 100…