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DNA trade with alliance

I think adding DNA trade within alliances would be amazing so that maybe you can trade epic dna in like 100s,like 100 smilodon for 100 T. rex and you make the request just like a trade and if your Alliance member has the required amount they can trade with you if they desire.


I don’t think so

Thats seem to be nice! What if Epic trade other rank?

I doubt they would add that would be cool tho

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Ok time for my 8000 brachiosaurus and 6000 concavenator and all the other tens of thousands of useless epic dna that I have sitting around to go into kentrosuarus and now I have a level 30 max boosted tryko in avairy… I don’t know about this

I think one trade per day or per week would be good and keep the game balanced

They already have that for the requests

It’s trading tho it’s completely different

So let’s remove the challenges of leveling up and the effort and time it takes to do so. I DON’T THINK SO!

I agree, that’s Probably not going to happen

100 epic dna per week isn’t very much at all and would be good for players to work on getting and leveling up dinosaurs