DNA Transfer


Yo. Guys. I kinda wish that we could siphon DNA to other dinos. Like, if you have a whole bunch of DNA from an relatively useless dino, just take however much you want and give it to another dino. Have 2,000+ Suchomimus DNA that you aren’t using? Take that and give it to Velociraptor.

I see you got that Purrasaurus (Gen 2) DNA. Shame it’s going to waste… Unless you give it to Stegosaurus.

I mean, sure the DNA is of a specific dinosaur, but there can be a cool, fantastical, scientific reason for the transferring of DNA.

And the DNA can’t be thrown around willy-nilly. DNA can only be transferred between dinos of the same class.

Commons --> Commons

Rares --> Rares

Epics --> Epics

And so on and so forth.

Wouldn’t that be cool? I can see a lot of you now, countering that those with a bucketload of DNA can just dump it all on a legendary or something… But I can see it as a DNA gap filler. I mean, there are Dinos that I have seen only twice in my entire gameplay because I can never travel outside my town; so unless there are gonna be Strike Events or Week-Park-Events featuring said dinos, I can never hope to make hybrids, let alone even creating them for my collection.

And besides, we still gotta hunt for DNA; that won’t change. It’s just that we’ll be hunting for a lot more dinos now.


Then what use would zoning be?
If you can catch everything in your zone, you can trade for anything you like and stay inside forever, which is against the goal of zones and the game in general :sweat_smile:


Zones should migrate from time to time. But you’re right. Also gives a huge advantage for pay to play players. You get a lot of useless dna when buying incubators. A system that makes that useful means it would be harder to be free to play. Free to Play make up the majority of the people you need in arenas, so if you lose them, you lose the payers too.


I would love to turn my lythronax dna into something…living in a zone one i used to joke about them breeding faster then rabbits. Thankfully their a featured dino this weeks so there is 3 down every street instead of just 2.

Honestly though if we could just convert gen 2 dna into gen 1 id be happy… even if it was at terrible rates like 1000-10… if i must have these in every incubator give me something go do with this dna


It’s a long game, and hopefully all that Gen 2 dna becomes strong hybrids at some point.


As “strong” as all the recent gen 2 based hybrids theyve made? With the exception alanky almost all the new gen 2 hybrids are more or less starter hybrids good for their intended level but you hit that point when you stop fusing them dispite the fact you have dna for them. Im pretty close to the intended player with monlemetredon… having just made my first legendaries i kinda hope he might fit on my team for the time being but im thinking he wont…he was designed to be a bottom tier legendary because of his components.



The legendary they made from the Gen 2 dna was specifically a stegocerotops counter for lower level players. It was a good move. It added balance for a dino that was a complaint at lower levels.


i think exchange for other dino dna is impossible, but may be just like other card game, let us create player clan or group to donate for member and receive from member but got limit every day.


i think exchange for other dino dna is impossible, better let us create player clan or group to donate for member and receive from member but got limit every day like other similar game


Anklyocodon already countered stegoceratops and is way more early player friendly to fuse after the mono and diem gen 2 spawns go back to normal since their current spawn rates are temp.


I can agree with this, except that I’d limit it to DNA transfers among members of the same taxonomical family i.e. you can exchange nodosaurus for ankylosaurus, adding a rarity modifier so you’ll get less exchanged dna from a common than from a rare and so on. Also, exchanges from gen 2 dinos to their gen 1 counterpart would have a higher ratio.

Some conversions I can think of:

5000 euoplocephalus = 1000 nodosaurus = 50 ankylosaurus.
750 T.rex gen2 = 50 T.rex.
3500 ankylosaurus gen2 = 50 ankylosaurus.


The only way it would work for Ludia is to add a cost for doing this or else there would be no need to buy things from the store (I would farm stegosaurus non stop to get kentrosaurus DNA).

The idea is very interesting and I like it but from a business perspective I don’t know how it would be great (coins to level up are nothing compared to buy incub or scents)