DNA video issue

I’ve been getting this error alot recently when trying to watch dna videos. Anyone else get this?

Just ran through a bunch of them on my iPad, no issues. What device are you using? Is the OS updated? A video codec issue would likely be related to the OS you are using.

Ended up clearing my cache data and that seems to have solved it.

I’ve always had issues with dna videos. If I don’t exit after the 3rd 10 dna vid the game will crash and the fill the water glass ad will crash it just over half the time - which is fun when its on a 2nd pvp spin.

Could it be a specific video that just isn’t compatible with my phone?

I have an lg fully updated.

There was once I grinded about 2000 DNA as I just click and it just gave me DNA without watching any video but I must watch about 100 videos first than than system go mad and just gave me DNA

I had this issue in the past and found a way to fix this for iOS…

I’m glad to hear that clearing your cache fixed this, @KenO. Could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and device information so they could gather more info? Thanks!

I have an occasional issue with ads but usually it’s ones that allow you to interact with them. Was playing the Game of Thrones trivia yesterday while waiting for the countdown to complete (this was for an extra spin) and it crashed the game.

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