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Do all recent battles with opponents show up in friends list?

So here’s my dilemma. Every time I approach 4900+ I run into teams all boosted well beyond me and 3+ levels above. That’s fine by me if I’m running into tough competition that is keeping me where I need to be in arena. However, I also know that recent “real life” opponents that aren’t bots, show up in the friends section as recent opponents. I just had 3 battles all losses 3-1 or 3-0. Dinos well beyond what I could contend with. I went to check out their teams after and none of them were in recent opponents. The last opponents were from last night.

Is it possible for real players to not show up in recent opponents and even 3 in a row? Or is it possible (and what I suspect) that the games built in ai sends over leveled teams to keep too many people constantly pushing into the higher arenas?

I don’t care about the tough losses to much stronger teams but it seems oddly convenient they only show up right at the threshold of library and their names don’t ever seem to show up in recent opponents

In before the “Take off your tinfoil hat”, “There are no conspiracies” “it’s just RNG” comments come in from the same folks that always say that come in and do their thing.

To answer your question: Yes, if the recent opponents don’t show, you probably fought an AI bot, part of the game, not a cheater.

My opinion: Part of the game, programmed to get you to spend money to level your team in the belief that your team is too weak to advance.

Go buy some $80 incubators with almost nothing useful in them… (sarcasm…don’t do that)

Very easy way to know if you just fought an AI bot… if you get zero trophies won/lost, it’s a bot.

Think I had this once, just needed to restart the game. Wouldn’t think anything of it, but it’s weird.

Who loses to a bot? :wink:

Very good point.

I haven’t seen an evenly matched or over matched bot in ages.

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Haha yeah I want to stress I don’t think the game is out to get me but more or less curious if it’s a built in control mechanism for keeping too many getting bunched into one arena when they shouldn’t be there. I could see it as a purchasing mechanism too :slight_smile: Just checked again and they still don’t show as recent opponents. Thanks for the feed back guys. Definitely was curious about it :slight_smile:

I definitely lose trophies. But then shouldn’t they show up in recent opponents?

Most likely is just a glitch that they don’t show up. I remember having my entire list of recently fought opponents going blank just because I restarted the game.

I am also curious about the actual reason but I doubt we’ll ever figure it out :wink: Ludia uses manipulative practices, but not necessarily in this part of the game. Or it’s just a bug. Neither will be admitted.
I doubt they are bots though, they are usually not that good. And if they’re actual players then you should be able to find their names somewhere. If they were “way too high to make sense” and they don’t show in the list because of that, then that’s suspicious.

Haha I agree we probably won’t ever know. I wouldn’t say “wayyy” too high but unbalanced. My team average is 20-22 these teams were averaging 24-25. So you’re right probably people unless it was very smart ai. They did use tactics. But I always seem to get relatively competitive battles in mid aviary and as soon as I get close it changes. Not salty at all but more curious is all :slight_smile:

You might be right on there. I’ve seen weirder things happen haha

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