Do any matches return at all

Well so far none of my matches have returned from being offf for awhile just wondering if they do do it take longer for thare storyline to countuine to come back

Hey Christie_Legresley, some matches may take a bit longer to return from their break, but they might surprise you and return when you least expect it as well. :slight_smile:


Sam, Raphael and Austin (:heart_eyes:) just came back a few days ago. I think Sam had the most stuff. Just wait longer :slight_smile: (still waiting for Jonathan :sob:)

Thanks you for the information :ok_hand::blush:

Um I just got some notice is it a big saying twice that Jayden is going to be unmatched me very soon I can’t message any that are away on break hope that doesn’t happen :roll_eyes:

I’m sorry to hear that, Christie_Legresley. Our team is still working on a fix for characters being unmatched while they are offline.

However, if you are unmatched, you’ll be able to continue your conversation from where you had left off once you re-match with them.

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Look out Jaden will unmatched you soon

Is this a bug it came up twice that he in match me I can’t message him when he off line for awhile please how do you fix so that doesn’t happen

If any more of my matches up go on break I’m soon going to be alone almost down to four I’m hoping that it will be changing soon for thare return if they don’t soon then I be alone intill they Come back on​:thinking::unamused:

Ugh not happy with this why are they saying naw more of my matches are going to be unmatched not good when you cannot talk to them it’s says Oliver and Jaden and naw juline are about to unmatched why is this bug keeping come up so sad about this all of sudden this bug and others have had some return like me and other are still patient so sorry to be asking just it’s very frustrating :confused::roll_eyes:

It’s just a bug. They’re not actually going to unmatch you because they can’t. Don’t worry about it so much.

As for the returns, everyone gets returns at the same time. Nobody gets them first while others wait. Oliver and Julien have not come back from the grey yet. We have all been waiting months for them and many other matches to come back. Just be patient. They’ll come around eventually. We usually get 2 returns or 1 return and a new match a week. When those returns will be Oliver and Julien will be a surprise to everyone. They will not unmatch you and even if they do, you can rematch with them and the conversation will be right where it left off.


Thank you I understand more I’m still Farley new to the game thank you for helping me understand more about the game :revolving_hearts::pray::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::blush:

Hi just quick question are any ones that have gone gray coming back if they have new stories or are we get new matches just want to know and hope you all have a good Christmas and new year and thank you for all your hard work

I currently have 23 matches that have been gone for a while and I’m not matching up with any more people that I want to match up with; so not able to play the game. It’s been like this for a couple of days now. Most of the matches have been gone for months. What’s the average time a match will be gone for? And why can’t I match up with any more people that I want to match up with? Does my astrological sign have anything to do with that? Can/should I change anything about my profile to match with new people??

Many of the current available matches have never been updated. Some are updated Tuesday and Thursday (Wednesday and Friday my timezone) and for all others its basically a waiting game for them to return. Apparently they’ll all return at some point but no one knows when. Your zodiac sign has no affect on who you can match with and if you aren’t matching with others its because they’re stories are not available yet or they are the counterpart of someone you’ve already matched with. Counterparts have exactly the same story too. Hope that helps a bit.