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Do Apexes Need a Nerf or do Uniques Need a Buff?

  • Apexes need a Collective Nerf
  • Uniques Need a Collective Buff
  • Both. Both is good.

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If you could explain your choice, then that would also be good.

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I’m gonna go with both, though softly.

Some uniques - Spinocon, Poukan, Indoraptor, and many others - desperately need a buff. Especially when some of them require exclusives, which, according to Ludia, should make them better.

When it comes to apexes, it also depends - Magnus needs a nerf. So does Hadros. Morty doesn’t need a serious nerf, but I do think something should be done about the cleansing impact which, at lv30 full boosted, is capable of taking down his very counters. The others are fine, if only because resilient as a moveset is overpowered.


I can see that. The Resilient Suite is quite OP, I must agree. Maybe exchanging Decel for vulnerability or something.


Absolutely agree. Some uniques are fine, but others need buffs. And some Apexes could use nerfs, but not uniformly. Some resilients just have too much attack for the innate advantage that deceleration gives them (though I wouldn’t take decel away from them).


Some uniques need some buffs, while Apexes should probably get a little nudge down so that uniques and Apexes properly compete.

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Apexes need nerfs, but only some Uniques need buffs.

All four of the Apexes out right now need nerfs. Yes, even Bax, which is currently suppressed by Resilient meta but would be a major monster in any other meta. Refrenantem and Hydraboa seem like they’d be fine, Haast Max is a little hard to tell but might need a nerf (probably to HP).

Uniques are a mixed bag. Some could use buffs, some don’t need a buff but wouldn’t hurt for it, and some don’t need a buff at all. In my view, I’d categorize them as following:

  • Definitely could use a buff: AVenator, Diloracheirus, Indo, Erlidom, Magna, Pouka, Vex, Orion, Spinocon, Stygi, Rinex
  • Doesn’t need a buff, but could get one: Maxima, Dioraja, DCRat, ELania, Nemys, Testa
  • Doesn’t need a buff: CompC, Spyx, Gemini, Grypo, MLania, MRhino, Skoona, TenRex, Thor, Tryko, Tuora

Scorpius, it’s a bit soon to tell, but it’s probably in the “doesn’t need a buff” category. Honestly, the only Unique I would say is a candidate for a nerf is MRhino, who even after nerfs remains a top-tier Unique, though I don’t think it urgently requires one.


Mortem, hadros and magnus mostly need nerfs.


let people keep underestimating it. :wink:


Lowkey people are seriously underestimating HMax and Hydraboa, too. Hydraboa is probably the more accurate of the two, but it’s still going to be very strong–easily stronger than Refren, though not quite as good as Bax and HMax. HMax, on the other hand, is going to be on par with or better than Bax, though barely anyone is talking about it.

Buff those uniques that r really hard to create so Apex can be more problems for anyone.

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buff ardentis asap, its terrible nowadays

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I just beat a 27 bax with a 21 skoona

Why wasn’t “neither” an option in the poll?


Because whoever plays the game would’ve choose one of those three.


I think it depends on what you use as too which of those lists you suggest needs what , indo, erlidom, magna ,renix , don’t need buffs, maxi ,rat, certainly shouldn’t get a buff, Gemini spyx & gripo, could, get a buff on my list so it’s really conjecture tbh,

Tryko needs buff it getting kicked out of the meta

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Some uniques need a buff, nothing needs a nerf though.

Nerfs require a boost reset or shuffle and this creates what we currently see, everyone using the same boosted creatures. And that sucks.


Yep if there r many unique Hybrid which are really good, people will get to choose there own favourite one and we will also have fun facing different kind of Dino every match.

I vote: None of the above.


I feel that ceramagnus could get a tweak of some kind. Like taunting rampage. Hadros keeps getting indirectly nerfed every patch it seems. Mortem could lose some crit. As for buffing all uniques, yeah not all need it. The options are too vague. Like indoraptor and erlidom are struggling while skoona is easily a top 5 in the game. Meanwhile, referantum probably isn’t that great in the arena and really doesn’t need the nerf. Gorgotrebax, haast, and hydra are all fine.