Do Away with Dracocera's Regeneration Ability

Now to be clear I’m a dracocera user myself, but I use it because I technically have to, because it’s still apart of this meta, and because I just wouldn’t survive in arena battles without it and I’m sure many others are in the same situation. Now don’t get me wrong dracocera is objectively still one of the best dinos in the game, but in no way shape or form does it deserve to be as strong as it is considering how easy it’s components are to obtain. In addition to that, the nerf to dracocera this patch was hardly a nerf at all because few meta relevant dinos are tanks, not to mention uniques like magnapyritor got a huge HP nerf with nothing to compensate even though it’s one of the hardest uniques to creature, yet dracocera gets a buff to compensate for its nerf this patch. Gutting its regeneration ability as a balancing method would’ve made much more sense than just reducing its swap in shattering rampage to swap in rampage. In tournaments it’s even worse, you have overly stat boosted dracoceratops dictating whether or not you lose or win a match doing almost 3-4k damage each swap in. I actually liked using dracocera when it initially first got its swap in shattering rampage but with stat boosts its become broken at this point to have an ideal counter to it.


Why not just redo it’s whole moveset with a new, single move?


It swaps in, does 2x damage and then just keels over.


Priority - Die instantly! Save the opponents time so they don’t need to bother ratting you!"
No Delay, No Cooldown

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That’d be even better :smile:


They should remove “swap in Rampage” and put “Swap In Impact”
Or put “Swap in Stun”,even because he had before!

At this time the Rat was so innocent!


I leveled mine to 24 while it still had that moveset. I’ve always liked the thing.