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Do Counter attacks need tweaked?

I don’t often battle things with counter attack at my level in the arena but I know how annoying they can be and that several unique creatures have them. I personally don’t have a big issue with them other than the rending versions. They can also act like a softer form of swap in attack. My questions to everyone is should all counter attacks be only basic 1x damage? Should some creatures be “immune” to counter attacks? Are counter attacks a more fair version of swap in attacks?

I think they are pretty balanced as it is now, but nothing wrong with some other new abilities.


Most 1X counter creatures are fine how they are. The really good ones like Dio just require the proper counters like Tryo. A couple need major overhauls because of how terrible they are like Megalosuchus. Majority of them have significant issues with survivability


Maybe we should get different variations of counter attacks - like maybe a vulnerability counter, or a bleeding counter. I want to say a nullifying counter, but I’m afraid that might be OP as heck ;~;

I’m pretty sure a Nullifying counter was confirmed in the 1.8(?) patch notes. But moves like Long Dodge were too, and they’re still nowhere to be seen.

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I think it’s fine where it is, most creatures with counter has low attack and in some cases low health so they won’t last much, Dio is the only with good stats overall, plus switching a counter to kill a oponent is not op like a certain rat we know because you will take damage and with most creatures that will let you at least at 50-60% health left, what we need is more variation of couter, like bleeding or distracting

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That is what makes a swap in counter attack more balanced than a direct attack swap in.

Rend is pretty balanced in terms of counter attack. My Tarkus is good and can kick some butt but it can also be hard countered