Do damages stack


If a Dino has multiple moves do they add on to each other?

For example. Increase damage by 50% for 2 turns then do a rampage for 2X damage next turn. Am I now doing 3X damage? Or does the last one cancel out the prior before acting?


Yes they do indeed :blush:


Actually I think you’ll do 2.5 times damage not 3.

+50% from increase damage and +100% for rampage.

  • 50%. = 1.5 then 2x 1.5 = 3


Pretty sure you’ll find that isn’t the way this game works


My megalosuchus’ atk is 711. When I use + 50% for 3x’s followed by a 1.5 hit it hits for 1600 with no crit. Are you saying some dinos are programmed incorrectly?


I’m saying based on the thread below and the one linked to in it, it doesn’t appear to be how it works in mine and others experience.


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Had another look at a fight this morning and think it might depend if things give % increases or multiplier.

E.g. it appears 2 50% increases might boost by 100% but a 50% and a 1.5 multiplier boosts by 125%.

PS I wasn’t talking about the initial post in that thread but the various responses.


Yes a dino with base attack 1000, Who use an attack + 50% dmg and Then use an attack that deals 2x dmg Will deal 3000dmg