Do different Dino's spawn at night...?


So is it just me, or is there a sort of rotation on what Dino’s will spawn each day - as well as during the day/night? Yesterday i saw no Raptors in my neighborhood at all during the day, sun goes down and they all come out to play. Today, instead of Raptors it’s Tanycolagreus.

Or is this just some massive coincidence?


Yes different dino does spawn at night


Yes I only see raptors in the morning and the evening between 7-8 (EDST)


There is a day/night cycle indeed.
At night you can catch more majung and all kinds of raptors really. The dino pool gets certain new additions which you don’t see during the day!


Herbos are mainly midday, raptors in the night, and theropods like Tarbo and Gorgo at about 4-5:00 from what I’ve noticed


Here is an article on the spawn mechanics of the game


Just read that - very useful, thanks for sharing.


so what time does the day and night start at because i am over in the PST.


mackennon_simpson you are awesome thanks! Was looking for something like this.


It seems to begin around 9-10 PM for every time zone. It seems te end between 5-6 AM.


For me night in terms of spawns is dead on at 8
Not sure when day begins but its switches before I wake up at some point XD


Important info for newcomers. Keep this refreshed


Yes velociraptors and some others I see a lot at night but I’m not sure about rares or epics haven’t even seen one at night of them! But oght time is good for velociraptors get that DNA :+1::grin::canada:



Usually the morning through early afternoon is where you usually run into herbivores, and maybe a croc or therapsid. Late afternoon to late night is when the theropods come out, as well as smaller predators like dilophosaurus and v-raptor.

It makes sense from a zoological standpoint. Most predator species are nocturnal or semi-nocturnal.


Yes I wake up every night to get raptor DNA and some other night dwelling Dino’s DNA’s within reach of my room though lol usually 5-6 am is the switch over I’ve noticed here in Calgary Alberta Canada :canada:! :+1::grin::canada: