Do Dinos Nest in JWA?


I’m just wondering if dinos rotate on a week-to-week basis if so are there certain areas in your town where you notice them changing on a weekly basis. Just like in Pokemon go Nests rotate every two weeks I am curious if it’s the same for this game let’s keep everyone informed post your data here and let’s maximize our capturing potential.


I don’t know about ona week to week basis, but I definitely see daily changes and environmental limitations.

Like there will be days where I see just a ton of Trikes, and other days where I see basically zero but a ton of some other dino. Or there will be a lot of armored dinos out but no raptors, or whatever.

Also, there’s definitely day/night differences. Like I only ever see Majungasaurus at night or very early morning. After about 6AM they stop spawning for me. I’ve never seen a Tarbo at night.

Similarly, I only ever see Sauropods and Puurasaurs in/near parks, and there are only specific areas I can find Succo’s or Para’s.

So there’s definitely some things to learn about the best places/times/days to find specific dinos.