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Do dinosaurs get rarer while making their hybrids?

Yes and no… I think it just depends on how rare the dino is and where you are at that moment.

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They magicly disaapear.

First time creating and leveling Ankylocodon (a time it could compete against Deus or Trago before boosts) Anky Gen 2 started to dissapear.

Then baryonix.
Then dimetroson.

Then Vraptor and so on…


I think so, I needed 100 raptor dna the other night to complete my level 26 indoraptor fuse and there were zero around and I usually see plenty around at night in my area…tricky tricky ludia :cold_sweat:

Yeah I’m trying to fuse the indominus and I need the T. rex and I seen him a lot until I’m so close :triumph:



I think this game is starting to hate me :joy: