Do everyone a favor

Whoever has this, just start with the damn thing. Why even bother playing anything else.

yay boosts


That’s just plain crazy , and a great example of how the game has been ruined by these ridiculous boosts .


7k hp 2.9k hp looks like nightmare

Sholy hit!


I found its sister :scream:


Its more like 11:12

Purchasing boosts is just buying wins. Is that really fun?
I think winning or losing by strategies is the real fun.
Darting and levelling dinos are also fun.


They should just nerf the other boosts like they did with speed since we probably can’t hope for a total removal

The fact that we’re seeing Thors with speed over 140 now…

I love Thor… I really do, but I don’t put everything in it. :confused:

This is mine:

Its not even my most boosted creature.
I’m also running into Tryko with 130+ speed now told. Ugh…


Players who do this must lose all the time if they don’t get Thor in their lineup, and win all the time if they do.
I try to balance it out a bit more. I wouldn’t even want a Thor this crazy. No fun!
I think mine is the same as yours, just level 27.


I can tell when I’m fighting someone who doesn’t have their over boosted Thor and Draco in their lineup. Its so sad how badly I destroy them… I always look at my opponents teams and see if they’ve got them or not. Most of the time they do.

Most of these people are literally nothing without their boosted Thor or Draco. Its pathetic.


I share the same experience, although I have actually lost one fight from someone without rat today. I wanted to give him my thanks, but couldn’t.

My little Thor killer


I pulled Procerathominus out of my team… Probably not using it correctly. You should likely give evening courses to guys like me! Sure, it’s not as boosted as yours and only lvl23. I felt that often, it could not do the job against anybody else either. And easily one shot for those boosted Rats as well. Oh well, as other have said, when they don’t get those boosted Thor in their teams, we get easy wins.