Do free players even get cash or is it rigged


Hello and what I mean by free is the non VIP members. Do they ever get the cash for the prize or does it decide to not give it to you. I’ve kind of been keeping an eye on it and I really dont think out of all the stops I’ve been to (close to 100 give or take) have I ever received the prize with the cash. Or maybe I have landed on the prize and got everything but the cash.

I think we should all collect data on this.

So have you gained the cash as a free player?


I get cash from the free incubator every time, but it is small. I did get cash from the drop boxes like the first two days but none now.


Yes I’m referring to the supply drops


I don’t recall ever getting cash from supply drops until 3 days ago. I finally got the cash and got it the next day also. So either I was very unlucky for awhile or they adjusted the drop rate. I’m hoping they adjusted it because there’s a 10 money cap anyway so players aren’t going to be able to spin for a bunch of money anyway.


I have gotten them from supply drops, especially green ones.


Are you vip on here?


i am free player, i managed to get cash yesterday from a supply drop. first time I ever noticed in over a week of playing


Gotten 40 Hard Cash. Not VIP. it’s not biased, it’s just rare.


Same as dinosaurs; you dont pay for VIP; you get ‘epic’ cash. If you are VIP you can guarantee 50 cash / day if you play on a regular basis. A non-VIP has no guarantees; so relies on luck. So good luck for reaching 20 cash / day (= non-vip / day limit?).

Minimum play time of 2h a day = almost always 50 cash a day, unless unlucky ( which is very rare; almost every day is max cash day for a VIP = 1500 cash a month at least).


10 cash / day is the non-vip limit, at least at lvl 7, though I don’t imagine it increases with level either


I have vip and get the same amount of cash as an non vip


I been playing for 3 weeks now and never once have I had cash other than from the free incubater. Bet VIP do.


You can get cash from 2nd and 3rd prize. The rate for cash on 2nd prize is astronomically low (never got 1 from it before) for 3rd it is significantly higher.
Note: There is a daily cap on cash just like coins. I think it depends on level but not so sure.