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Do Giga Scents end next week?

In the COVID19 announcement, it was stated that Giga Scents and the darts for coins sale would end of May 1st. Will these be extended, as things have not gotten better and will likely remain as they are for the forseeable future?


Some countries have lifted the lockdown, but only certain parts of the lockdown like Wu Han (where COVID 19 came from). But major countries like America and Europe still are in lockdown.

I’m sure Ludia will give an update close to May 1st.

Though if I can recommend anything, use up all your Giga scents while you can, seriously, you can get at least 2 or 3 epic dinosaurs with one during the three hours. And make the most of the extended radius too.

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We’ll still be stuck until May 15th. I wonder if the scents will disappear from inventory or just from the incubator.

I think giga scents and the extended radius have improved the fun in the game for me. I think Ludia should consider keeping them. You still have to go out if you want dinos from the different zones. But it is really nice to sit down at night and dart non stop till I feel like going to bed.


Was just curious if Ludia has any kind of update regarding the Giga Scents and extended Drone radius.

I know date wise, Ludia has stated that they will be taken out on May 1st (3 days away as of this post). But the vast majority of countries are still in Lockdown with COVID 19 showing very little sign of slowing down.

So I guess just an update from @moderators would be nice to hear. If Giga Scents and radius are leaving as planned, or not.

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Totally forgot about the removal date - I was kind of hoping the release notes would actually contain some additional measures …

I’m hoping for an extension too. I only have one supply drop without the extended range. :pensive:

The radius could stay until we all get the all clear but I think we’ll have to lose the pile of darts.At the moment I am sitting on 30K darts. That is going to take me months of normal play to clear through (not that I am complaining).

I think we should lose the pile of darts, or go down to one bundle a day, put open up giga scents to different zones.

Many states in the US are extending the quarantine date until the end of May, so I think they will extend the date.

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The UK is getting at least another 3 weeks of lockdown now.

Any clarification on this @Ned?
You’re usually the “go to guy” as of late as far as responses go for important stuff. LOL

I’m constantly using up my darts because I try to keep a giga running all the time.

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Hey W1ckety, we don’t have updated information at the moment, but we’ll definitely let everyone know ASAP once we do.


Any word yet? @Ned

Today is the day.

I’ll poke the team to see if I can get more info! :sweat:


Thank you @Ned

Got mine and pile o darts today.

:smiley: Updated information here:


I’m glad they’re extended. The game is so much more fun to play without the artificial limitation of darts.