Do Hybrids using hard to find DNA hurt the game?

Recently, with the dodge nerf announcement, Ludia mentioned that many Dinos had nullifying abilities to counter dodging and they were sad no one used them. At first I was on Ludia’s side, if you have a tool it’s your fault for not using it.

Then I really started to think about it.

Introducing new Dinos with cool abilities helps very few players.

As an example, let’s say your average team level is 24. A really cool Legendary dino is released and you’ve got enough DNA on day 1 to get it up to level 18, so close to 19 but not quite.

If you play really hard for the next 3 months maybe you can get it up to 21 and… Nothing, Nope. By that time your previous dinos could very well be 26 for an average level since you are still working on them.

By using limited quantity DNA Ludia nearly guarantees the majority of the player base won’t use their new dinos.

Smilocephalosaurus: How many people have complained about not seeing the daily Epic spawns? Are you rolling around in 4,000 Pachy and Smilodon DNA right now, before the update, to level this up?

Dsungaia: Miragaia is arena exclusive though some people did stock up on it from requests. Because of this Dsungaripterus saves the day and forces this dino out because it doesn’t spawn in the wild at all.

Sanctuaries are coming but I don’t think we’ll be raking in 1,000 rare DNA in a few days. I think they are a new kind of Long Term Goal which won’t help all that much.

Let’s say we really did get to have 1,000 Dsungaripterus in a week using Sanctuaries. Fine, Five fuses. How many Tarbo and Utah in the wild have you darted during this time?


Yes, the fact that a lot of important dinos are locked in arena or extremely hard to come by at a decent amount to get enough dna to get to team level does hurt the whole game. Agreed.

@Ludia_Developers you guys should rethink your whole strategy because there are too many things going wrong


Actually I have no issues facing dodging creatures. Yes, sometimes opponents dodges several times in a row and I lose several battles. On the other hand, I sometimes dodges several times and win some battles due to this. I always have nullifiers in my team to counter them. Monostego is my favourite and Tyrannolo was in my team before my Magna was born. Now Dioraja is also great in countering Indor and Erlidom. New creatures are great, but they need to match the team levels before they can be used. Players are aware of their existence and I am also working on them. There is no need to nerf the dodging mechanism. They should not make such a conclusion when 1.7 is just about less than 2 months old. I am sure that these creatures will appear in the arena after some time.


I get the desire to do 5 anniversary weeks for all of the films, but almost all of those dinos are from the original release or have had established, obtainable hybrids for months.

What about highlighting all of the new dinos/ingredients added to the game recently other than through weekly hybrid chases? I didn’t see one single Diplodocus last week but as an event reward it’s at least attainable.

Nobody has had a chance accumulate enough DNA to get any of the new dinos to team level without extra purchases. Even those with level 16 average have probably not been playing long enough to even unlock the new legendaries.

So many of the “easy hybrids” have been nerfed or rebalanced into obscurity, so people go with what still works and it certainly hurts the game and makes most teams suffer from sameness.

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Yep. I’ve played every day since Canadian launch. I’ve been in the top 100. I run an alliance and I’m a moderator at a big JWA Discord. I’m into this game, is what I’m saying. And I still don’t have erlikospyx. Even if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to get it to team level (26ish) by this point, and I wouldn’t have had any boosts for it because I’ve put a ton of boosts into the rest of my team. If Ludia wants us to use the new mechanics right away, they have to put them on dinos we can actually achieve and level up quickly… and they have to give us a way to reallocate boosts.

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Then imagine doing all that and getting it up to team level finally. Then they nerf it. I’m looking at you my poor magna.

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I was able to use the counter evasive dinos on my 2nd account where I was playing level 11’s and did use them successfully but I have no where near what I need to be able to play those new ones on my old primary account. It will take months to get there. I did take smilodon on my primary account to 20 and have enough to get to 21. My 2nd account has Smilodon at 13 and have enough DNA to get to 20 but going to make the new one.