Do i change?

I’m considering dropping Purutaurus from my team and adding either Utahsino or Rinex. Any suggestions? Is there another such I should look at? Currently at 4700 trophies and have been since 1.7

What is your goal?
You could possibly bring in rinex, but gotta boost her up…
or… as much as I hate to say this, take out puru and bring in the rat (dracoceratops). But learn how to use her on your team, dont just throw her out the first chance you get lol

You are going to get tougher matchmaking opponents because you have some dinosaurs that are much higher than others, such as having a 26 Suchie on a team that has 21s.
Might help to remove it and replace it with something closer in level to the others until matchmaking is fixed.
Apparently the highest level Dino on your team heavily influences what level opponents you get put against!

I would put rat (yeah I know I hate it also but it can win you matches) in place of suchie and Rinex in place of Purutaurus!
Remember with 1.8 Puru could get a hybrid for all we know so, best to hold off on levelling it, thats what I did. At least until 1.8 hits!

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Oh don’t worry, I’m sure he’s boosted his dinos up to the same -ish level. The only decent thing to come out of boosts is making a 22 lvl a 26 to catch up with the highest level Dino on the team. As long as he boosts rinex’s speed, he’ll do a hell of a lot of damage

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I’m trying to get them all to tier 5 across the board. Then spend to boost strengths. I know the disheartening feeling of losing to a super boosted Thor or Draco and don’t feel like giving that feeling to others

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Neither do I. I unlocked the rat a while ago but still haven’t put it on my team. Sad to say I’ve come to despise seeing the dino. I don’t want to give that feeling to anyone else either so I’m sticking with my other hybrids.

So, I made some changes and want to report back on my personal experience. I switched in rat and Rinex for Suchy and Puru. My matches got much more difficult, I’ve lost 200+ trophies and gotten beat 3-0 & 3-1 way more than previous. Potentially, it’s me not knowing how to use the new dinos individually and add part of the team

My theory is that dino rarity counts for more than dino level in matchmaking. I’m not a data miner, but if someone wanted to look into it, I’d be interested to see what they find.

At this point, I’m going to stick with the new dinos for a bit. If things don’t improve, I’m going to go back

Utasino can beat Utarinex because it’s faster for some reason, but i prefer Utar still. It can do a lot, and that rampage and run comes in handy. It’s basically a must have at higher ranks.

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Interesting Theory. But I think it’s more the point you made: You need to get used to your new dinos and another point: Sucho & Purru are not that common in higher arenas, so you might catch a few of your opponents off guard.

I’d swap back and see, if you’re doing better with your old dinos again and - if yes - stick to them until you have to make the next bigger decision about boost allocation/lvl ups or until you start loosing more/not advancing anymore with that old team.

Yea i would consider swapping out Puru for anything else. I had high hopes for her also because of the awesome counter-attack. But Puru is more of a liability due to slower speed and no immunity. Procera on the other hand, is a definite consideration… the best starter IMO.