Do I Dart Wuerhosaurus or Tuijiangosaurus?


There are 5 rare dino choices in the park today thru Friday.

Wondering which one to dart? Thinking Wuerhosaurus or Tuijiangosaurus.

4 of them don’t have a hybrid (YET) and of these, I hope they make the Wuerhosaurus into a tank hybrid because it has decent speed and armor.

The Tuojiangosaurus can be used to make a Diorjasaur which may be good. The issue is you have to fuse Tuojiangosaurus and Rajakylosaurus to get a Diorjasaur.

The Rajakylosaurus is currently an APEX tier that someday I might get but have zero DNA now. If I ever get enough to have this apex then do I continue to level up Rajakylosaurus or use it’s DNA with this Tuojiangosaurus to make a Diorjasaur? Seems almost unattainable.

Thoughts? Which are you going for?


I went for Wuerhosaurus. Because it’s a Superior stegosaurus. And for the hope of a hybrid. But I guess if you don’t want to risk it Tuojiangosaurus will be your best bet. Plus Muer looks pretty cute with it’s small back plates.


I went with neither. I completely ignored the commons and rares for this cycle.