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Do I do this TH VIP trade?

So I’ve been saving my loyalty points for this exact trade but now that it’s here I’m hesitating. Some people also think that rhomaleosaurus is the upcoming vip tournament creature which would probably even out my team enough. What do I do people?

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I would hold off, personally…


Likewise. @jturp15 you’re going to get a bunch of these guys over time.

I’ve passed on this offer many times.

More reefs more…


I have a biased answer there.

It would be a solid addition to your aquatics lineup if that was what you were focusing on.

I focus primarily on Jurassics though. I feel like using my LPs on VIP Jurassics really accelerated my progress.

Ok I think I’m just going to look away and hope for the upcoming tournament to be for a reef. It hurts now, but it’s probably the right decision

Stick with 10k packs. You get some of lp back and some other bonuses opening them.

But if you have a need for reefs to balance your lineups, then it’s a soething you should consider, as hatching hybrid reefs is expensive and are more of a glass cannon.

Considering your lack of reefs, I would take it. Note that in the 10K packs, there is only this one reef, vs. two each of the other classes. So likely you will always find yourself behind on the reefs if you aren’t adding some additional ones outside of just opening packs.

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Turns out the tournament is rhomaleosaurus, so that’s a “yes!” from me.