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Do I evolve?

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It depends on your line up. Could you post that too? It would give us the information to determine if you could handle the fusion

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You might be able to handle it, but keep it at 21 unless you can handle it being higher

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Armormata L10 is 6315 ferocity.

Concavenator L21 is 5474 ferocity so yes you can handle it being L21 or even a little higher.

Concavenator L30 is 6769 ferocity, which would not break your lineup, but would replace Armormata as your top dino.


Well, it will be better off keeping 2 lvl 20s looking at the depth in your lineup

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i think 2 lvl 20s will be better than one lvl 30 because it has a shorter cooldown and it will help in tournaments and other events

I already evolved them lol. My concavenator is above my lvl 10 super tape, but below my yudon.

I have it at lvl 25 rn

How much can I sell a lvl 10 spinotasuchus for?

31,750 DNA IIRC, same as L1-L10 Dimetrocarnus.