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Do i fuse Erliphosaurus?

I finally got my level 40 Erlikosaurus after ages of hatching and evolving, and my initial plan was to fuse it’s hybrid, but then i saw what a beauty she was, and i hesitated. Given my lineup, what’s the best strategy here? Do i create the Super Dilo? How useful is this herbivore? (Other than being heart-breakingly adorable)

The next update is addressing balance apparently amongst other things (if I remember correctly) so might be worth waiting? If it were me with everything already out of balance I would just do it.

Just curious, where are all your vip Dino’s?

I would get another one and then hybridize

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I have Baryonyx, Tanycolagreus, Pterodactylus and Eolambia at level 20. My other VIP dinos are at level 10 and are not very useful to me. I just don’t seem to have great luck with the 10k packs when it comes to Jurassic creatures.

Those 10k packs seem to even out after a while. Most of mine have ended up as lev 30 plus. I also have some 20’s. I have only ever bought the 10k packs and not spent more getting something specific.

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I’m just surprised. I have 22 levels 20 jurassics. With your level and other lineup I thought you would have more. I’m non vip.

I think a level 10 Super Dilop will land somewhere between your Raja and Baryonyx. Do you need a carnivore in there?

…just checked level 10 Erliphosaurus = Health: 2623 and Attack: 606

…I had the same dilemma with my Spinoraptor. For the longest time I kept mine at level 10. I didn’t realize how useful a level 40 would be. Then when I finally got it to level 40 it looked so cool that I couldn’t fuse it. I’m actually trying to make a second one. I’ll create the super hybrid with that one.


Probably don’t need the Erliphosaur right now, i just want it cause it’s a stronger Dilophosaur, and the spitter is one of my favorite JP dinosaurs.
I have fallen in love with the Erlik though, so i’ll probably get another level 40, even if evolving tournament dinos is kind of a pain


A lot of times it’s worth going up to the hybrid for lower CD times for better stats… that’s certainly the case with most of the super hybrids. That doesn’t seem to be the case with a lot of the tournament hybrids though. In this case, there’s a slight drop… 15 hours to 12 hours. The stats on the lvl 40 thought are better and the DNA cost to add more of the hybrid is pretty steep so unless you have a lot saved up, I would say it’s probably worth holding off for the time being. I personally haven’t made ANY of the tournament hybrids yet, since they are so expensive to purchase, and I would rather use my DNA on other things right now.

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