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Do I let my team's ferocity run wild?

My current team is composed of the following creatures:-

Suchomimus Level 1(from boosted arena)
Nundasuchus Level 20 (2 of them)
Ophiacodon Level 20 (2 of them)
Stegosaurus Level 10(2 of them)
Triceratops Level 40(2 of them)
Majungasaurus Level 40(2 of them)

So my question is that should I let my ferocity wild by getting my stegosaurus to level 20,nundasuchus and ophiacodon to level 30,and get Suchomimus to level 10? Because the other stuff I have might not match the ferocity and will imbalance my PvE matchups ,therefore, I am curious to know whether I should wait till I can level my other stuff up to a point where i can afford to raise the ferocity of my team , or , do I level up my creatures at the cost of the Difficulty of PvE events because I am sure that many people will know how tempting it is to get more powerful creatures. I would love any help I can get from anybody who is willing to help me out.

I’d say keep it balanced otherwise it’s no longer a challenge but just frustrating


Based on the level of your creatures, you’re still just starting out.

Try to keep them balanced better in the future. As I level them up (like per each level), I check in the battle menu where they are and only level them up once beyond the top dino (if they are going all of the way up). Than try to keep them in between those two.

If you roughly calculate ferocity, it is attack 3x + 1x health.

You’re cool down times are still short enough, that if you have to use the top 3-5 dinos, you can still get events completed in one night. It won’t stay that would though.

And keep in mind, you don’t have to feed everything up to the max right away. If I know something at level 11 will be at or near the top of my lineup I check where it lands after each feeding. For missions you may want to leave creatures un-fed unless you need them leveled up.


That’s quite the reason behind why I mentioned Suchomimus in there , however, thanks,this will help out.