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Do I splice my Diplosuchus?

I have 1 Level 20 Diplosuchus, and 2 level 10’s all of them are really helpful. Today I will be getting another level 10,I am wondering if I should create another level 20.

Take a look at your line up…do you have any amphibians close to where the missing level 10 is going to be of you fuse it?

don’t know what level youre at or what your line up is like. But I do know that level 10s are soo useful. Level 20s are right next to level 20staposaurus…do you have any of those?

I made 2 level 20s and kept 6 at 10. Good enough for the way I play.

I have several lvl 10s on both my game and my daughters game. With my current lineup i see no reason to combine them to make lvl 20s. At lvl 10 they are already powerhouses in tournaments in Dom league. I’d rather have 6 lvl 10 right now than 3 lvl 20s. JMO.

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I would give the same reasoning but I guess a level 20 should work well in dominator alongside 2 Triceratops.

Yeah, it’s entirely up to you. My lineup is a good bit deeper and more balanced than yours and I play the tournaments different than you so the lvl 20’s might be more useful to you.

I use all good dino’s on my teams, herb, amphib, carno pretty much exclusively.


Triceratops are amazing in Dominator.


Oh Yes they are! I love using Triceratops in Dominator.

I refuse to level my Triceratops to level 10.

I use pretty much everything of ferocity of 5300+ with Triceratops

I prefer to use tuojiangosaurus…

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A level 20 Segnosuchus is overkill for those opponents(I only have a level 10)

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I’m sure you will get more :facepunch:

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