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Do migrations happen?


I haven’t noticed much change in the regular dinos in my area for a long time now. I know there used to be.


I’ve lived in L4 the entire life of the game. I’ve got suchotator level 25 and 35k suchomimus. Also, enough concaventor to last forever. No, migrations do NOT happen


I also live in zone 4 and suffer the same DNA surplus as you but when the game first came out it was stego and then there was a time when it was dracorex and then allo so there used to be in the beginning of this game but I haven’t seen it since the fall.


they do but they only switch like 5 dinos around and/or move good ones to parks…


They did one migration back in fall, all that did was move out all the useful Dino’s in mine and replace it with majunkasaurus


Sure they do. Just think of every Dino you know and love to dart and now it’s locked in parks.

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