Do Moderators get in game benefits?

This is just a question that curiously pop in my head a while back. (To be honest, this kind of applies to any Ludia game. but since I play Jurassic World Alive the most right now, I thought it was worth asking here.)

But do @Moderators get in game benefits for their work on here? Like say monthly subscription for free? Treasure chest, scents or cash gifted to them? Those kinds of stuff

I just though considering the difficulty keeping things in check on the forums, Ludia might have compensated you in some way in game?

Getting a free VIP subscription for being a mod would be pretty sweet

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If they do you’ll probably never know.

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Probably free Nundasuchus DNA.


I doubt they actually play the games, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many glitches running around


@Detonatress you mean free Kaprosuchus DNA?

That one’s harder to find than the Nunda.

Yeah! I think that Mods should get some benefits though. Maybe free Irritator DNA

Would be nice, but they’d probably get incubators or VIP.

I would hope they get something.

Well they do get paid since it’s their job, whether or not they buy VIP is probably up to them

I hope they do get more benefits tho