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Do not buy the Apex Predatory Box - DNA is minimum


Thanks to sparenoexpense for clarifying my misunderstanding that the DNA total listed in the offer is not just common DNA but also includes the Epic and Rare DNA.

Still feel like I got cheated as utilizing the words minimum guarantee gives the notion that you will receive more. Makes me wonder if they realize that the marketing tactics they are using in these offers make their user feel cheated and turns them off. The way these offers are presented is just not right!

Only good thing about this experience is I was given some sage advice to focus on buying coins. Thanks all.


Just take a look at your very first Screenshot:

Guaranteed: 679x Epic/1132x Rare … 25667x Coins (my LV 12 stats cause I can’t read your Screenshot, but yours should fit your received objects)
Received: 710x Epic/1184x Rare … 26833x Coins

So what’s your problem … that you can’t read what you will get before? :wink: (don’t take it too serious)


They thought the total DNA was the total for common DNA.

You got more than promised.


Over 700 t-rex dna… yes please :heart_eyes:


Still not worth 7k. They got what was advertised tho


Is that ‘1’ :joy::joy::joy:


No I don’t buy any incubators anyway I think we’ve all learned it’s a waste


Thank you for pointing that out. I always thought that the DNA listed in the bottom was common DNA. The offer I received was exactly what I got. I still find it misleading as minimum DNA lets the person believe that they will receive more.


Yes that is definitely a 1. It’s the second time I see it since the last update. They should not do that as in my experience it just pisses people off. But you are right last time we buy anything from Ludia.


Minimum cause if you are really lucky you can get some more than guaranteed (in exchange for less Common DNA).

So it is possible to get 1000x Epic for example … (but that’s maybe just every 10th Incubator for me).


Not the last time though right? You’ve got 5k left. Trust me, buy coin.


I guess prior to this update I must have been really lucky. If this is a sign of my luck, I won’t be playing the lottery anytime soon.


Can’t believe they gave you 1 dna :woman_facepalming:t2:


I just keep laughing at the misspelling in the title. The prices ARE quite predatory. :rofl:


I was so angry. I can’t believe there were more errors in the post. I think I will leave it alone they really need to change their sneaky marketing tactics. Thank you all for clarifying this.


Honestly they aren’t the best deal but you did get what was advertised and you came out smelling roses. If I was guaranteed 700 Rex dna I might actually grab one.


700 Monolopho for Monostego are not bad as well.

But imagine getting 700 Concave DNA … lol


Exactly why I won’t get it. I would break my phone!


1 for a mono that is utterly pathetic Ludia should change the amounts for those 50 bucks things


Just realized after reading another post about the same box. Icks, I suppose my anger would had been even worse had I gotten what that poor gamer did.