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Do not consider DOT as negative effect

Remove DOT in the list of negative effect that is being deflected in immunity since DOT is considered as attack damage. Negative effect should be a non-damaging moves such as speed reduction, damage reduction, vulnerability, stun and swap prevention.


Kinda makes sense but no thank you. Immune means immune to any effect that persists longer than a turn.


Dot is a negative effect since it does HP reduction that stays for more than one turn. So DoT doesn’t need to be removed from negative effects.


It isn’t direct damage, it’s a status condition that causes damage. Since it negatively effects the victim, and it’s a status condition, it’s a negative effect.

The damage isn’t the negative effect, the condition that causes it is. Thus if you’re immune to the condition, you can’t be damaged by it.


Bleed is something bad inflicted on the user right? Then it is a negative effect.

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It’s a negative effect that applies on the target. That’s why bleed still continue after the bleeder’s dead.
Also, bleeding itself doesn’t trigger counter attack (eg swap in bleed, swoop etc), which also indicates that it’s a negative effect rather than direct damage.


A negative effect is something that adversely effects something…id say bleeding to death fits this description!


It’s not a positive effect. it is literally a negative effect, it very negetively effects the creature who was doomed with it.


DOT is considered a negative effect. It is not healing or cleansing, so it is not a positive effect. Immunity is immunity which includes immunity towards DOT.


I did not say that DOT is a positive effect but rather it is a kind of damage with an effect over time.

An attack damage has an adversely effect because it can lead to death so why it is not considered a negative effect?


It’s not an effect. Negative, yes.

DOT is not far similar to the passive counter attack such as rending counter of grypolyth which persist to affect as long as he is alive.

Because a hit is a blow, not an effect as it doesnt leave a lasting effect.


Eh… Depends on how you look at it. It does leave a lasting effect. Removing health and all that.

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Yes, but it’s a non-damage effect. All non-damage negative effects can be cleansed, and therefore don’t affect Immunes. Even though it’s literally called DoT, if you look at it as an effect that causes damage then it makes sense.
Non-damage as opposed to non-damaging.

I was talking to @Stiffeno about a normal hit being a negative effect

Oops. I guess I just read all the posts, and then addressed my reply to the last one I saw.

Its all good.